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Directions to the Fernley Track

     Fernley is located on interstate 80, about 30 miles east of Reno. Coming from Reno, take the second Fernley exit (Exit 48).  Just before exiting, the track can be seen on the North side of the freeway.  Take Exit 48 off of I-80 and drive North about 1/4 mile on Truck Inn Way.  You will pass the Truck Inn Casino and the diesel truck fuel islands. with lots of Big Rigs parked all around.  Turn left on Veterans Way and go West about 1 mile to the Cemetery.  Go just a little farther to the Fernley/Wadsworth Lions Club International Raceway motocross track. 

If you are coming from the East of Fernley on I-80, take the first Fernley exit (48), and follow the same directions above from the freeway.



Lodging and Motels in Fernley

Current Fernley weather and forecast  

 Caltrans Road Conditions 

Nevada DOT winter Road conditions


Fernley race times:

Gates open  6:00 am

Practice  8:00 am

Race  9:00 am


Fernley Track FAQ's

1) How do you get to the track?

     A)  Fernley is located about 30 miles East of Reno on Interstate 80.  Fernley has 2 off ramp/exits.  Take Exit 48 and drive North about 1/4 mile on Truck Inn Way.  You will pass the Truck Inn Casino and the diesel truck fuel islands.  Turn left on Veterans Way and go West about 1 mile past the Cemetery.  Go just a little farther to the Fernley/Wadsworth International Raceway motocross track.   It is easy to find.

2) Is there camping?

     A)  There is camping at the track.  There is no water, electric or sewer.

3) Are there Motels close by?

     A)  Yes.  The town of Fernley has 6 or 7 motels.  There is a Best Western, a "Lazy Inn",  and a Motel 8.  Additional motels with phone numbers can be found on our web site.

     B) Reno and Sparks are less that 30 minutes to the West on I-80.  There are plenty of rooms there.

4)  What kind of track is it?

     A) Fernley is a Sand track.  There are no rocks.  If you want rocks, you will have to bring your own.  Our club members design and build the track.  I can tell you that the track crew rides big 4-strokes, so the track will be wide with some long straight sections.  I expect that it will develop some good natural sand whoops.  Expect braking bumps to develop before the turns.  The track can get rough, but it is wide enough to find good lines with plenty of good passing opportunities.  We will have some jumps and tabletops, but nothing "do or die".  We work on the faces of the jumps and pack them so they do hold up for the racing and rarely will they rut out too bad. 

     We will use a lot of water with the water truck and a track watering system using fire hoses.  Old Timer riders are encouraged to check out the track and help with watering a dry turn, or an especially rough section.  It is not unusual for track watering, using the hoses, to occur during the race, so be prepared for some change during your race.  It is rare that too much water is put on the track, so mud is seldom a problem.

5)  What kind of tire do you run?

     A)  You want to run a soft sand tire....like a Dunlop 756 or 753 or a Bridgestone 401.  I have good reports on an IRC  M5B.  I will run 12 or 13 psi.

6)  What is the Elevation?

     A)  The Fernley International Raceway track sits at about 4300 feet.

7)  What kind of starting gate?
     A)  We have a cement starting pad with rearward falling individual gates.  We
use a  30 second board.

8)  What will the weather be like?

     A)   We should not have to worry about rain (our annual rainfall is less than 4"), but even if it does rain, it should not be a problem.  We do worry when it gets windy.  Sometimes a wind will come "out of nowhere" and take an awning or an EZ-up, so be sure to stake them down well.

9)  What about support classes?

     A)  We run a support class of Vets A and B, Sportsman A and B, 80's, 60's and peewees on our Labor Day weekend OTMX International.  You can race either or both days.  The support class is trophied 30% each day. 

10)  Will there be practice on Friday?

     A)  No.  Our crew will be preparing and watering the track on Friday.  There will be equipment on the track, so it will not be safe to practice with the equipment present.  If you get to Fernley earlier in the week, you will be able to practice the track or leave from the pits.  There are a lot places to go.  It is open and there is no charge during the week.  We have always held a local series race on the weekend before Labor Day.  It is SMRA sanctioned, but you don't have to buy a card to race.

11)  What is the Deadline for Pre-entries?

     A)  There is no deadline...the price is the same on Saturday morning as it is if you send your entry in early......but, pre-entries get one of our famous FREE T-shirts.

     B) We will be taking entries on Friday afternoon through the evening and again on Saturday morning.

12)  What is there to eat?

     A)  The Lions club will have their concession stand at the track.  They will be serving their famous Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers, Dogs, chips, candy, and drinks.  They serve up a Breakfast Burrito, too.

     B) Saturday night, the Nevada Old Timers will be hosting our dinner.  There will be plenty of food, dessert, and drinks.  One  dinner is included with your race entry and you can buy  dinner tickets your guests.

    Please Help Keep our facility clean by picking up your trash.  The winds come up quickly at Fernley and can blow garbage everywhere.  Make sure your EZ-Ups, tents and awnings  are well secured.