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International Club Championship 

Club Championship

 Each year a Club will be named International Club Champion for the previous year completed.   If necessary all clubs will donate a set amount to buy a large trophy that can be passed on to the next Club that wins, year after year - the same trophy.  The International Club Championship trophy will be for the riding season starting in 2008.  The Trophy will have ample room on it for all future years and the Club winning will pay to have its Name and year engraved on the Trophy on a 2"X1" name plate. The Winning Club will keep it until the first race of the following year and then give it to the next winning club at that race (2010).

 The rules for the International Club Champion are:

 1.  The International Old-timers Club Championship will utilize a positive scoring system. It will be the same as all Old-timers receive now for a weekend of racing   This International points scoring system will be based on the overall event finish position, not per moto. See Section XI (C.) of International rules.  

 2.  Each Club will be scored for its rides as follows. Only 1 OT rider will score for each class and they will get the same score as they received for finish overall for the weekend of racing.   Example Oregon 40+ Expert rider gets 1st place, Oregon gets 30 pts. 2nd place and 3rd are Oregon riders they receive no points.  Idaho next rider in the Expert Class with 4th place, Idaho scores 18 point for 4th place, next rider is Washington at 5th place they get 16 points. You only get to score 1 position per class. This way the small clubs have a chance at winning too, they only have to have one Old-timer rider in all 16 Classes to score well.   If you have one rider in each class the minimum you can score for the weekend is 160 points if they all finish below 11th place in each class.  Every class will score 30 points but depending on club finish not all class will score 2nd or 3rd etc., etc. The Club member that scores the highest in each class scores the points for the Club Championship for that class, that race.  If you finish behind a member of your club you score no points.

 3.  If a rider belongs to more than one club, he must declare to the International Secretary which club he is riding for with regard to Club Championship points, otherwise his points will not be counted towards any club’s points.

 4.  If an Old timer rides 2 classes, only the top score will be counted for 1 class. Example 40+ Master and then 50+ Masters, only 1 class counts.  No Old timer can be counted on a single weekend for more than 1 class.

 5.  The Club with the most points wins the International Club Champion for that racing year and bragging rights for all of next year racing.  All Oldtimer classes count and all International events ran will count.

 6.  The International Score keeper will keep all the records and score all points for the International Club Champion for each year. Since Garry Roestel‘s death, Robbie Perry has taken on this task.