Fernley Sand Tips

      There are a few basic tips to help with lap times when riding in the Fernley sand.

      The Start 

        Clear sand off the concrete.

        Pack or clear loose sand in front of concrete 10 15 feet out.

        Small burn out, just to clean off rear tire.


        Look ahead!  Most important.

        You want to be on the throttle at the beginning of the turn, instead of the middle or latter.  So, you may have to brake and set up earlier so that you can be on the throttle at the beginning of the turn.

        Pick a line entering the turn that will let you carry the most momentum through the sand.  Sometimes the longer outside line is faster than the main rough line!

        Once you are into the good berm have confidence to lay the bike over and use plenty of throttle.

   Sand Whoops

        For the rolling sand whoops, your suspension should be set with slower/stiffer rebound.

        Get pressure on the foot pegs as soon as possible.  Pull back on the handlebars.  This gets the rear wheel digging and driving forward and gets the front end light.


        Jumping the Fernley sand jumps is for the most part not much different than any place else.  The things you have to watch out for are the kicker bumps on the take offs and the soft sand on the landings.  Stay relaxed!  As for the soft landings you just need to remember to use more throttle when you are about to land.  This will keep you from going over the bars.


     Oh yea, remember it is better to fall off in sand than that rock hard stuff!  We hope these few sand tips help out.  See you at the track!

                             Scott and Butch Stillmock


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