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Back to Basics

     Focusing on basics not only helps you conserve energy, but also will knock valuable seconds off of your lap times. All racers know that as little as one second, could mean the difference between the trophy or the trailer.

     First, pay attention to your body positioning. You will have to consciously think about this every time you ride, until it becomes second nature. Squeeze with your knees at all times. You want the bike to move or slide but you don't want any daylight between your legs and the bike. So squeeze, but not too hard.

     Next keep your back straight, not hunched forward or arched backwards. Find that spot where you are up and relaxed. Play with it and you'll see what I mean.

     Ok feet, many people say different things here. This is what works for me. Ride on the arches of your feet, not the balls or toes, with your heals slightly lower than the pegs. (lower when the track is rough or woops.) Riding on your toes or balls of your feet greatly increases the risk of a broken ankle.

     Now look at your palms. Find the bone on the outside of your palm, opposite your thumb. With your fingers, hands and forearm in a straight line, lay your hands on the grips and rotate your wrist outward so that this bone on your palm is in firm contact with the grip. This will raise your elbows and help to keep your back straight. Oh ya, you might acquire a nice callus, after a gnarly blister. 

     Try these techniques on three different rides and you will notice a considerable difference in stamina, and lap times.

     More later.

                                    Justin Mastalka