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     Tires are the most overlooked performance part of your bike.  Tthey keep you hooked up to the ground.  We all like to stay off the ground don’t we?  Well let’s look at a few things.


     Air temperature can change your tire PSI.  For every 10 degrees in temperature change your tire can change 1 PSI.  On a cold 20 degree morning at the races your tire can be almost flat.  6 PSI + FROZEN TRACK = FLAT TIRE = NO FUN!  Normal air pressure for MX is 12 PSI, + 2 or 3 PSI for hard or rocky tracks,  -1 or 2 PSI for sand or soft mud is good rule of thumb.  Check tire pressure before practice and each moto.


     Burn outs do nothing more than fill a rider’s lungs with tire smoke, wear out your $90.00 tire and let you spin off the line.  Unlike a drag tire your MX tire has voids.  There is no way to get enough heat to the casing to make it perform like a drag slick, nor was it designed to be used like one.  Spin the tire just enough to get the dirt off the tire, sweep the start and use half throttle and MODULATE THE CLUTCH off the line.  Keep one thing in mind.  Sand tires have a harder compound and don’t like concrete.  They will spin more than a hard track (soft compound) tire or intermediate tire.  If you have money to BURN spin, spin away!  One more thing....THERE IS NO LAUNCH CONTROL ON CONCRETE!


     There are a lot of tire choices out there.  There are different brands, compounds, sizes and prices.  Ask yourself a few questions.  Do you have the money to run the optimum tire for each track?  Do you like to change tires?  And, do you want the edge on the competition?  You see the wrong tire can put you on the ground.  REMEMBER WE DON’T WANT TO BE THERE!  Ok, let’s look at some local tracks.  These are my choices.

FERNLEY- Sand tires front & rear - deal with the start.

      Rear - Dunlop 773, Pirelli MT 410, Dunlop 752 or Pirelli MT 32

      Front – Dunlop 773, or Pirelli MT83

STEAD AND MUSTANG – Intermediate tires front &rear.

     Rear – Dunlop 756 or 756RR

     Front – Dunlop 756 or Pirelli MT83

HONEY LAKE – Intermediate tires font & rear

     Rear – Dunlop 756, 756RR or Pirelli MT32

     Front – Dunlop 756 or Pirelli MT83

 CARSON,  LOVELOCK AND WINNEMUCCA – Intermediate tire front & rear

     Rear – Pirelli MT32 or Dunlop 756,756RR

     Front – Pirelli MT83


Turn your rear tire around to get a new edge.  When you get to the last 25%, it's history.

Front tires on a 4- Stroke wear the braking edge faster.  Replace it when both edges are rounded off.

					Good luck!    
					Eric Schacht